Dior Saddle Bag is one most famous of the brand’s bags. Whether it is a saddle-shaped bag-body or a unique slanted cover, Dior has become a symbol of LOGO.
This bag symbolizes the tenacity, courage and the romantic temperament adhering to the purpose of Dior’s consistent advocacy and pioneering spirit.
However, this bag is really only for the blogger. Maybe I am used to the regular Dior, I feel this bag a little silly. But the high-performance wear-resistant material is still an undeniable highlight of the series.
The previous SADDLE bag had only one strap, which could be used as a handbag or carry on the shoulder. The new SADDLE bag adds a long shoulder strap that is more practical! Many models on the T-showing are slanting that behind the back, and it is casual and very fashionable.
When referring to the saddle bag, maybe people have to mention that the ghost designer John Galliano who has designed 12 special saddle bags with different regional culture and inspiration. Each of them expresses his gratitude to each country that has visited and inspired to shape the new image of DIOR.
Each saddle bag is a collection of national cultures that it represents allowing person to feel the unique cultural charm of a country in the texture of the bag.
Design inspiration
China: Orange-red satin is full of mysterious colors of oriental dragons
UK: white pearl button + noble and magnificent silver rivet
India: Golden bells and bead-decorations symbolizing the magical function of gold in the Indian tradition that can clean everything
Spain: Embroidered patterns are dazzling when under the light
Japan: Inspired by the wide belt on the kimono
Mexico: Traditional South American motifs interweave with modern Mexican feeling
Morocco: reference to the famous tile motifs of Morocco
United States: Luxurious with rhinestones, which is ideal for attending grand occasions
France: Luxurious design inspired by the French classical print of Queen Marie Anthony
Russia: a stylish design full of Russian style
Egypt: Let you turn into a fashion-loving Egyptian demon queen
Argentina: the inevitable choice for adventurers and exotic girls
Carrie, the heroine of “Sex and the City”, carried the most popular DIOR SADDLE saddle bag at the time;
Superstar Beyonce is out of the street with a DIOR SADDLE saddle bag that is no longer produced and sold;
DIOR just released the 2018 autumn and winter series, the new DIOR SADDLE saddle bag!
In addition to the above theme packs, the Dior saddle shown at the 2018 winter, except for the basic glossy leather bag, it still has canvas style: blue canvas or embroidered canvas. However, bloggers prefer the canvas material, which do not need to take careful as the leather bag. Moreover, the canvas texture is relatively soft and light-quality with less pressure to body. After all, the blogger don’t prefer picking up a very heavy bag.