Mr. Dior once said: “A daily handbag must be simple and modern”.

Since the spring and summer of 2012, the heat of Diorissimo bag (in Italian, ending with -issimo means “most Dior”, “this Dior is more than the Dior” and it is the meaning name of this handbag) has not diminished. Diorissimo bag is a simple, elegant and modern daily handbag with classic and noble lines that reminiscent of architects of brand.

As the most energetic accessory for lovely women, the Diorissimo is soft and dynamic, which truly represents the craftsmanship of fine leather collection belongs to Dior, revealing the unique charm and luxury of women.

At every stage design of the Diorissimo bag , the craftsmanship is rigorous and the pursuit of consistency in the details is flawless. As we all know, each piece of leather has been carefully touched and selected. The characteristics and texture of the material have been carefully studied to make the handbag soft and straight, which has unmatched straight lines and flexible movements (Litchi pattern is a kind of texture of embossed leather. It is a leather product that is pressed and embossed on the leather or leather surface by a plaque-patterned aluminum or copper flower board to form an embossed leather).

The semi-matte leather, with whose perfect appearance and soft touch, perfectly demonstrating the craftsmanship of Dior leather craftsmen. These highly skilled craftsmen punch and process the cowhide, then finishes color the cowhide. The two colors inside and outside the handbag are seamless. In addition, the Diorissimo handbag is also very concerned about the side dyeing, giving it a unique graphic appearance.

The beautiful Diorissimo bag is available in three main sizes:mini,small and large.
Mini: W23*H16*D10cm
Small/medium: W32*H23*D12cm,
Large: W38*H27*D12cm.

The Diorissimo bag leisure holiday style seems to be innate, which has a wonderful color for the seasons all the year round. Each bag is also equipped with a shoulder strap of the same material, which can be carried by hand or diagonally that is more convenient to use. The ultra-strong internal space to meet the needs of daily commuting. Two flat open pockets make it easy to keep the items organized. What’s more, there is a zipper closure small bag that can be taken apart. So that every lady can enjoy elegance and fashion as they please. The Diorissimo bag with excellent clothes has become another choice for many stars or models.

Of course, in addition to the basic style, the brand also launched a personalized design bag. Let consumers with different preferences can find the bags belong to themselves. And the charm of Dior can be recreated, showing more fenale appeal in its soft touch for the lady.