Each thing in the world, even every dust, has its own mission. All the year round, the life is always continuing. As a lamb, I knew my mission from the moment I was born, and only existed for high-end customization. In the years before my life, I lived my own life like ordinary sheep. By the harvest season, life has undergone various baptisms and completed sublimation.

From the exclusive ranch of the brand to the high-end custom workshop, it is a gorgeous turn of lambskin. Thousands of carefully treated lambskins were sent in, which will be carefully selected by the craftsmen. After the comparison and the measurement, only a small part of them was left and sent to the next part of the workshop.

The lambskins in thin and evenly size are selected by the craftsmen, then which will be hot pressed and fully flat on the workbench(Lambskin will be color-filled before cropping, and highly saturated colors will be selected). The staff embossed the prepared template and carefully cut them. Every part is handcrafted by craftsmen. Curious friends can go online to find videos made by Dior bag, which will show the production process in more detail.

Stereotypes, cutting, pasting, filling, routing, stitching, hardware, every step in this process is strictly in accordance with the design dimensions. Fine craftsmanship coupled with stringent requirements, letting an ordinary lambskin go through more than 40 hours (not counting the selection of materials, coloring and drying time). And finally become the brand has always been high-end custom Dioraddict Cannage flap bag.

Of course, this is also the sublimation of the value belongs to lambskin. It is a meticulous and rigorous display of the brand craftsmen. Let’s take a closer look at the finished high-end custom Dior bag.

The Size of Dioraddict Cannage Bag
Large(5*4): 2*16*8cm
middle(5*3): 21*13*8cm
small(4*3): 19*12*3cm
The should strap is made of gold chain, which has several ways to use the bag. Moreover, different sizes are available for selection and the interior space is also very intimate. Especially in autumn and winter, this bag is very convenient to match.
However, the chain is really not suitable for summer, which will put pressure on the shoulders. In order to make consumers more comfortable to use this bag. The brand specializes in matching the different styles of bohemian shoulder straps to bring the elegance and vitality of the bag to the extreme. Of course, the use of handcuffs can solve this problem very well. The closure is designed with a key-lock. Which is chic and safe.

Celebrities with Dioraddict Cannage Bag

Jennifer Lawrence
Jaime King

Black Dioraddict Cannage lambskin bag has classic style. The logo locks greet Dior vintage suitcase and the desire to explore the world, revealing the bohemian style of Paris.