Every December 25th is the annual Christmas, which is celebrated as the birth of Jesus, hence the name “Christmas Day.”

Leonardo da Vinci, Annunciation
Geertgen tot Sint Jans, The Birth of Christ

When it comes to Christmas, the exclusive color scheme is red and green. From the basic color analysis, red and green are opposite colors, so why do people have to hit these two colors together? If green represents the Christmas tree and red represents Santa, this is reasonable. However, this is a concept instilled by modern people.

The origin of Christmas green: evergreen plants – holly and mistletoe.

“Ilex chinensis Sims Holly”
“Viscum coloratum mistletoe”

In the early 17th century, in order to celebrate the advent of winter, people would decorate their homes with evergreen plants. They think that evergreen plants have magic and can withstand the cold and not die. So the first generation of Santa Claus, wearing a green coat, means that Santa has the magic of evergreen.

The origin of the red Christmas: product effect or religious color
At company that produces red products emphasizes the need to combine its own brand LOGO. In the end, Haydn created an old man with a bright red and white color, a belly, white beard and white hair.

However, we go back to Nicholas, the bishops of that era are not as good as they are today, they are strictly required to wear cassock. The general bishop is wearing a black cassock, and the main church is wearing a red cassock. It can be seen that Santa Claus is dressed in red cassock and is based on religion and history. It is not simply a combination of business and art.

In fact, in the late eighteenth century, Thomas Nast, the father of American cartoons, has painted Santa Claus in a red coat with a white beard. He is also considered by the public to be the creator of the modern Santa Claus image. As well as the appearance of red Santa Claus in many publications in the United States.

“Illustration of Thomas”
“US publication”

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