This just past Christmas, it is a perfect ending for 2018. I ate delicious food and went to Disney with my husband to welcome the arrival of 2019. Of course, the happiest thing is the Christmas gift from my husband– Dior lipstick Christmas suit. Each lipstick is my favorite color. Even sending a gift is so heart, he is quite lovely.

Dior lipstick Christmas Makeup Box
The colors of lipsticks are also listed for everyone. If it is the favorite color, you can try one.

9992, 434 Promenade3, 999 Matte4, 772 Classic matte5, 080 Red smile6, 683 Rendez-vous.

Dior Christmas Makeup Set is selling well, and the box should be the key. After all, it is very beautiful to be converted into a chain bag. But I just use it as a handbag, which is also very convenient.

Dior Christmas Makeup Set with Lady Dior classic black cannage imitated bag

In October, Dior launched the 2018 Christmas Makeup Box with the lipstick set, eye shadow set and combo set. In these gift boxes, Dior Christmas lipstick set is the most popular among consumers.

The package of box not only has brand logo, but also leather and size are similar to the handbag, wallet and card package. Simply punch holes on the top of the cover, install the screws and insert a separate chain, which is a Dior chain bag. There are merchants on the Internet to find the business opportunities, and simply start to sell modified accessories. The cost of the modification is also the price of several burgers.

On the platform of lifestyle sharing, there are at least a hundred refit tutorials. Others compared the advantages and disadvantages of Dior chain bag and the make-up kit. The latter, in addition to the cheap leather, does not look much different from the tens of thousands of bags. In contrast, this makeup box sells for less than $1,000, which is just like complimentary, and there are six lipsticks inside.

After the brand began to sell the holiday limited box, there are some posts on the Internet. Interestingly, some people thought that Dior Christmas lipstick set has the usually color. It was not new to consumers and might be lost to other brands.
Who can think of it, this is a product that was not optimistic at first, and even won the Christmas campaign this year with packaging. Some consumers said that it is difficult to buy this box now, even the price has been flipped several times.

In the future, the makeup package is likely to change from the common hard case to leather, and the shape design will also be close to bag. Maybe the modification tool will be included. Let’s look forward to more beautiful sets of boxes to launch.