Shopping with friends on weekends, and we all were attracted by a a fairyland-like decoration. Then we went inside to appreciated the beauty of the store.

At first I thought it was a flower shop, but I found that I was wrong, it is a coffee shop.

A cluster of spherical flowers is placed on each seat. I was staring at the flowers. The friend said, “Do you like hydrangea?” Oh, it turned out to be hydrangea, which is the very gentle flower.

This reminds me of the long-form emotional novel “The Hydrangea Diary” written by the famous Japanese writer Junichirou Watanabe a few years ago.

The wife Simako Iwai in the book has two diaries with hydrangea, and the husband is always peeking. The most impressive scene was that the husband pulled up the mattress and saw a second diary, saying: Oh, there is still a red hydrangea. In the preface to the book, the color of hydrangea varies according to the nature of the soil. If the alkaline soil grown safflower, while with the acidic soil, it will turn into purple. So it is called a seven-color flower, or an eight-color flower.

Hydrangea is fickle. Maybe because it absorbs too much rain–the crystal clear and fresh water drops. And it turns blue in a while and turns purple in a short time. In a short month of flowering, it is wonderfully changing its own color. Because it has this “flickering” function, its flower language is “a fickle heart, a fickle stranger, a aloof lover or a proud guy”. And that kind of blue hydrangea is my favorite flower, and it actually represents “betrayal”. It makes me feel awkward and very interesting. How can the flowers betray?

The meaning of hydrangea is of course not limited to this, otherwise, it will not be so much loved in Japan. In fact, in the eyes of the Japanese people, the status of hydrangea is second only to cherry blossoms.

At the end of the Edo period, this flower was introduced to Europe by a Hipport doctor with a love story about missing and obsessive. So, hydrangea is a symbol of happiness.

In fact, the meaning of flowers really depends on the characteristics of people. It is like the red rose of princekin. Because of love, it is different. So, I love hydrangea, including its accessories. Just like Dior hortensia Embroidery bags with a unique style, it is also my favourite! How many people will be crazy about this new hortensia handbag?

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