Dior new saddle bag saw a nearly 20 percent increase, according to the new 2018 shopping report of eBay. It is worth paying attention to that Dior saddle bag itself, as the revival of John Galliano’s classic style, wins the attention of consumers through the re-interpretation of the current creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri, which can be seen as the positive effect of the youth strategy belongs to Dior. At present, under her leadership, Dior has become one of the most rapidly developing luxury brands.

The history of Dior Saddlebags
Saddlebag with its distinctive modeling, romantic unruly temperament won the praise highly of fashionable girls, becoming the new bestow favor on that pursues individual character temperament women to fondle admiringly. Dior saddle bag was rushed by customers as soon as it was launched, and it is still popular today. The high-performance wear-resisting material guarantees the durability of the saddle bag.

This is a very good designer bag to buy. Many people buy Dior saddle bags just for the kind of spiritual enjoyment. The saddle-shaped body and cover have become the symbol of brand’s logo, and the most important thing is that the independent, tough and unruly temperament pursued by the saddlebags coincides with the pioneering and adventurous spirit always advocated by Dior, which is the real reason why Dior saddlebags make many people crazy.

Dior Saddle is much too popular for fashion people. Of course, some people can not help asking, such a comeback package is really worth it? As a bag lover, I have to say that Dior Saddle is definitely one of the most desirable bags to purchase in 2019!

Dior Saddle was designed by John Galliano in 1999 and presented at the Dior 2000 spring/summer ready-to-wear show. It’s been a long time since it was born! Carrie wore a pink and white saddlebag with a gold chain on the back, which was very stylish for the appearance.

And to be in at that time the star of fashionable front people, this bag is a must-have. Dior Saddle “hot style” bags look like nothing before, almost identical to real saddles. Not only for Dior but also for the fashion world at that time, this bag is definitely a bold and avant-garde design, which is of great significance for The Times!

Besides the bizarre bag model, this metal adornment on the bag body also is very exaggerated, letting a person once upon a time not forget. Dior Saddle bag has a big D on the cover. The connection between the shoulder strap and the bag body is a huge metal connection with the word “CD”, which is exaggerated and somewhat delicate.
In many designs and color design, the classic is Oblique canvas printing Bag.