At the beginning, the blogger wants to ask everyone first: How do you cheer urself up when you are in a bad mood or depressed? How do you please yourself when your mood is super high and your energy is bursting? For 99% of the girls, there is only one answer – buy and buy! If you are more specific, at least half of the girls will choose the package. Just how many brands and styles are you going to choose? Although everyone has a different opinion. However, I still want to talk about the classic Lady Dior bag, after all, Wang Hao likes the package, it must be a boutique. There is absolutely no exaggeration in this statement. Classic bags, fashionable and durable are the basic elements, while artistic sense and beauty make it more valuable and soul.

Inheriting the classic Lady Dior
It is also called “Princess Diana Bag”. In fact, this is the blessing that comes with its life. This package was born in 1995 when Mrs. Bernardine Chirac (former French President’s wife) presented a new Dior handbag to Princess Diana at the “Cezanne Exhibition” sponsored by LVMH Group. It was later named the Lady Dior, which was popular with Diana.

In 1996, in order to pay tribute to Princess Diana, this bag was officially named Lady Dior after obtaining her own consent. Since then, Lady Dior has become the royal package of many kings, and the first lady of France has often taken it to the international stage. And once the first lady Carla Bruni, she was even the advertising model of Lady Dior in 1996!

The Moroccan Princess, Charlene with Lady Dior
Former French First Lady Carla Bruni

However, once and for all, it is impossible to do it once and for all. The constant “classic” will make the fickle woman feel bored. Lady Dior three-dimensional envelope decoration is very architectural. And Lady Dior implements Dior’s consistently high spirit, designed to be unique and purely handmade. It is not unreasonable for women to be proud of having it. The more you understand it, the more you want to treasure it.

So, do you think you should have a Dior package? Although the most classic style has stopped production. The second-hand market can still see its shadow. If you want a brand new package, you can only go to the replica market. Although it is a replica, the craftsmen are very persistent about Dior’s craft. From material to car line are customized according to the original. Although it is impossible to be completely consistent (handmade will always be different), but the similarity is also very high. So, quickly pick the classic Dior Lady Dior bag you like.