On 2018 Spring/Summer showing, Dior pays homage to the artist Niki de Saint Phalle bringing a new style. The Book Tote bag in the series are the brand’s performance for the pursuit of perfect texture.
Design inspiration
The most eye-catching protects on showing is the colorful Mexican style Tote Bag drawing on the works of the artist Niki de Saint Phalle. More than 15 color gradations are like palettes which seems special visual effect and bold feeling.
Overall structure
The simple classic CHRISTIAN DIOR Logo is more popular than the dazzling patterns and colors on the show floor. Dior Book Tote Bag is still a motif of the family which is a retro fashion style. In addition, you can replace the CHRISTIAN DIOR with a custom letter: the name of superstar or yourself which makes it a unique Tote bag for yourselves. So this neatly arranged letter Tote package will become a necessary IT BAG.
The perfect combination of embroidery and canvas materials adds charm to this bag.
The internal material is very delicate, but the less structural function partition is not suitable. If you need, it is possible to choose a mini bag which make Book Tote
practical and modern. More significant, it is very suitable for commuting.
Black and white plaid Book Tote Bag
Complex process
For embroidery pattern, the requirements for the material are relatively high. The fabric of Dior Book Tote bag is made by a family workshop in Italy. Each piece of fabric needs to be threaded with a special 12-head embroidery machine to pierce about 2 million embroidery points which takes 15-17 hours of embroidery work. Then it was sent to the leather workshop in the Florence region of Italy, where it was finely tailored by professional tailors. In total, a Book Tote bag takes more than 32 hours to build.
Mizuhara Kiko
The 41.5*32*5cm size is ideal for customers who travel frequently and have a demand for capacity. Reasonable design, so that the bag will not be awkward due to storage. However, abundant stuff can be heavy and will increase the burden to the arm. If you shoulder it, the handles seem a bit short that will be a bit tight to the shoulder. The canvas material is unique, but the handle of the same material is not ideal which is not comfortable as leather handle. Especially in summer, it is easily soiled by sweat. Of course, it is another fashion to wrap the silk scarf outside the handle.
I basically have very few collections for this big bag. It has a relatively high requirement for the body. However, the canvas material is very casual. Large capacity and easy to match are very suitable for work which is leisure and practical.