This brand is good at discovering inspiration from history. Dior is inspired by the En Amazone equestrian theme of high fashion launching a new symbolic handbag – Libertine handbag (Autumn/winter 2010). The collection uses three times more leather drapes than regular handbags to create luxurious draping and wrinkles. Such a simple and outstanding handbag, won’t you have none?
Dior Libertine inherits the original CD logo of Mr. Dior in the 1950s inspiring the new CD metal logo, which use rivet details to set the elegant tone for the new style, not only modern fashion, but also poetic.
The new collects of autumn and winter combine the needs and desires of women with a delicate structure and a soft draped leather design. Large-capacity bags and shapes echo the equestrian spirit.
In order to create a more pleated bag, Dior tailoring room is very careful in the quality of the leather and the materials used: the fine soft calfskin is used to make a Libertine
Which is almost three times dosages than the original bag. Only to provide the unique experience, and at same time to increase the charm of the bag.
Celebrity demonstration of this bag

Eva Mendes
Zoe Saldana
January Jones
Rachel Bilson

The detachable tone on tone soft leather wide handle features a stitching technique that adds to the aesthetics of the bag while increasing the comfort of the bag.
Portable only a little pressure to the hand. For the right handle size, the hand-hold or shoulder-carry is a good choice.
The details on both sides of the bag are inspired by the stables and saddles, which is not very rigid Perfectly blending with the bag-body. All of this elements unveil the exquisite hand-stitching art.
The bags are made of high-quality soft calfskin with hand-woven twisted handles, hand-stitched trim and pockets showing the luxury of this series. It takes at least two and a half hours of manual work to complete this complex process that reflects the strict requirements of brand for details.
The inner is also made of the same leather. A zip pocket and double open pockets inside, which allows the items to be well classified. Compared to zippers and drawstring closures, this bag is more convenient with a snap-on closure.
Dior Libertine have two sizes to meet the different needs of customers. Especially in the autumn or winter, the increasing of things needed for travel, and the large pockets are more suitable for daily collocation. In addition to the basic color: black or light caramel, the customer can also choose purple, red and pink leather bag. However, there is also pink Mongolian fur or hunter’s favorite red fox fur to choose. This series brings a feeling of boredom Come to some colors.