Husband came back to give me a small gift– Dior earrings with little metal bee. The milky white pearls are decorated with delicately carved bees. I like them very much, of course, it is also very beautiful. Then my husband asked me to pick another handbag, saying that it would look better. Oh, I really love him. As I felt that the little bees on the studs were very delicate, so I chose a bag with a metal bee–Dior D-Bee bag.

The design of this handbag is quite simple: solid leather with the same tone matching lines. There is no decoration other than the metal bee decorated on the flap. But this is also very good, I can take my plush pendant and hang it on the bag, which is also very chic.

This D-Bee handbag is designed with the accordion to increase capacity without making the bag look bloated, and the side looks very stylish too. Of course, this bag is a handbag after all, it is no need to stuff too much things. If you really have a strong demand for capacity, the D-Bee shopper bag will be the best choose to meet the business needs of people who travel frequently.

The size of this handbag is relatively small, I took the Ipad for comparison. Friends can go to the website to search for specific sizes, which is easy to choose. The size of this bag is perfect for everyday wear. Whether it’s a long skirt or a trousers, this bag can be easily matched. Every match is different, and there will always be a style that suits yourself.

The bag is designed with a flip cover and has a button closure. The metal decoration of the bee is located at the button position. Every time when switch bag, the ornament will be touched. The texture on the hardware is very delicate. Although the size is not large, each detail is very fine. Even the wings of the bees are very careful.

The bag has three compartments inside and it has the velvet lining that feels comfortable. It is in sharp contrast to the leather feel on the outside of the bag. Every time I open the bag to take things, and the velvety touching makes the whole body gentle. There is also a leather flat open pocket in the innermost compartment of the bag, which can hold ID card, bank card or door card and the design is easy fir accessing. The back of the bag is also wrapped in one piece of leather, which is simple and stylish.

At the top of the bag, the handle is made of the same material and color. The handle is a flat design that combines ergonomic features to make the bag more comfortable during use.